Welcome to Organic Haus. This is our family website and blog. Organic, because we are a living family, not following the straight and narrow – fully alive. Haus is just the German spelling of house, and in our minds it represents a higher level of integrity, quality and craftsmanship than you find in “houses” these days. We are strong believers in the idea that living consciously, with intention, and passion is the path we should be taking.

Organic Haus: Adkins FamilyWe are the Adkins Family, and we are an energetic team of six. We consider our options at every turn, striving to make the best decisions based on our understanding of the situation. We think a lot about the future and we are committed to lessening our environmental impact, and raising our kids with creativity and ingenuity.

As a designer, Paul is inspired to help groups and ideas that fit in with our vision. He works to build community, grow bicycle ridership, and generally educate folks on permaculture, bicycle & pedestrian safety, parenting, natural health, gardening, ecology, and more.

Monica is a Chiropractor who has been sidelined with twins for a few years. It has been fulfilling being a stay at home Mom, but now that the kids are getting into school, she plans to open up a new office in Eugene in 2011.

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